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Guy Guards & Guy Markers for Increased Guy Wire Visibility

Buy guy guards and guy markers at the best price available!

Guy guards (or markers) are a critical component in maintaining the safety of electrical guy wires and guy systems used to support utility poles, telecommunication towers, radio towers, challenge courses, obstacle courses, suspension bridges, and ropes courses among other guyed systems. We stock and distribute both retail to companies and individuals and wholesale to distributers.

About our Products

Guy Guards
he guy markers we carry are made from a high density polyethylene plastic with U.V. protection to minimize color fading.

We assure not only a long product lifespan but our bright yellow color will not fade over time. Our Guy Guard markers feature a slight crack integrated within the design, making installation of each unit a breeze as you simply snap the guard onto the guy wire and connect it to the wire with the wrench down bolt (requires a 9/16" open ended wrench.

Each guy wire marker is 1.51 Outside Diameter (OD) and collapses to approximately 1.375 OD after installation. The smaller installed diameter provides an overlap of the material that aids as a significant  deterrent to vandalism or theft of your pole line hardware.

Volume discounts on all products when sold in case lots (25 per case).

Guy Guard / Guy Marker Specifications:

  • Each product is manufactured from HDPE
  • Each unit is specially manufactured to be UV resistant to protect color
  • Increase safety by marking your guy wires - minimize injury to humans and/or animals
  • 1.515 round OD before installation
  • 1.375 round OD after being installed onto the wire
  • .070 wall thickness
  • Each piece is 96 in length (8 ft.)
  • 25 pieces in each box
  • Other colors and lengths are available. Please contact us for a price quote.



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